Kinderling Studio Bookings

Kinderling Studios are the recording home of Australia's most popular family radio station, Kinderling Kids Radio. Kinderling Studios are custom built, soundproofed rooms designed for quality audio recording and production. Featuring state-of-the-art recording equipment and software, Kinderling Studios can accommodate multiple voice recordings on site and remote, for Broadcast, Podcasting, Audiobooks, Commercial Campaigns, and other audio-related production needs.

ROOM 1 : is a bespoke soundproofed recording room that can accommodate a host and up to two guests.

ROOM 2 : is a soundproofed production room featuring an 8 channel AXIA mixing desk, desk-connected phone lines for remote interviews and full Pro Tools system for recording and editing. Room 2 and Room 1 are connected via a window and audio link for easy communication.

• IN-STUDIO INTERVIEWS - record on up to 3 microphones (Shure SM7B's).
• REMOTE INTERVIEWS - record multiple voices in studio and via phone link.
• PODCASTS - record multiple hosts, guest interviews and add pre-recorded audio live.
• AUDIOBOOKS - record long-form stories with one or multiple character actors.
• COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGNS - record short-form scripts for carts, promos, ID's or other.
• ENGINEER - book an engineer to ensure a clean and professional result.