Australia's #1 Children's Audio Sleep Program

Kinderling has guided kids to sleep with mindfulness and meditation over 10 million times and counting. That’s why we’re Australia’s most awarded and top-rated kids’ audio sleep program.

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Routine Based

90% of users say Kinderling Kids Radio App is useful in helping with their daily routine.

You can listen to our live stream or find all our programs on-demand to get you through any specific part of the day or night.

Whether you need to get up and go, it's playtime, the witching hour or bedtime – we have you covered.

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Research Driven, Award Winning

Kinderling is a proud partner of the Australian Government’s Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, a dual finalist for Best of the Internet (The Webby’s), winner of the Australian Commercial Radio Award for Best Digital Format, and the winner of the Australian Podcast Award for best Kids and Family Podcast.

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Educational & Entertaining

Educational and entertaining programs and audio adventures tailored to your child’s developmental stage. Browse through age-specific content for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to find radio best suited to the age of your children.

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Soothe the Witching Hour

Do you dread the witching hour?

We can help! Chilled-out tunes, soothing stories, music and lullabies to help with the longest stretch of the day.

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Car Trips Sorted

Turn up Kinderling Mixtapes, try our extensive library of classic and new stories, and tune in to Kinderling’s entertaining and educational programs. Use CarPlay and make car trips fun!

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Parenting Hacks

On Feed Play Love, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice.

From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we discuss everything -- from the hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Produced and presenter by mum of two and journalist, Shevonne Hunt.

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Upgrade to Premium*

Kinderling brings you the best music and audio programs for children’s entertainment, education, mindfulness and sleep. With Kinderling Premium, you can enjoy all your favourite programmes free of advertising; access exclusive ‘Premium-only’ episodes of Bedtime Explorers and other Kinderling Originals; and create bespoke playlists for the kids with all their favourite stories, music and episodes.

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