Closed: Book Week Giveaway! Win a bumper book pack for your daycare AND your family!

We get so excited about Book Week here at Kinderling Kids Radio. We love the costumes, hearing about everyone’s favourite characters, and listening to beloved new and old classics! 

To celebrate the wonderful world of children’s books, you have the chance to win a year’s worth of books for your favourite playgroup, pre-school or daycare, as well as a special Story of The Week book pack for YOUR family!  That means 52 Kinderling-featured books will be donated to a centre of your choice, and your family will receive a book pack featuring 7 favourite ‘Story of The Week’ books

The 52-book prize for your daycare / pre-school / playgroup includes:  

  1. A Banana is a Banana by Josh Pyke and Justine Clarke ($19.99) 
  2. Ali’s Boat by Sadik Kwaish-Alfraji ($22.95)
  3. All I want for Christmas is Rain by Cory Brooke ($24.99)
  4. Alpacas with Maracas by Matt Cosgrove ($17.99)
  5. Aussie Kids Meet Taj at the Lighthouse by Maxine Beneba-Clarke ($12.99)
  6. Bear in Space by Deborah Abela ($25.99) 
  7. Bin Chicken by Kate and Jol Temple ($17.99) 
  8. Bitsy by Nicki Greenberg ($24.99) 
  9. Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas by Lucinda Gifford ($17.99) 
  10. Dharma the Llama by Matt Cosgrove ($17.99) 
  11. Embrace your Body by Taryn Brumfitt ($19.99) 
  12. Fashionista by Maxine Beneba-Clarke ($19.99) 
  13. Finding Francois by Gus Gordon ($24.99) 
  14. Finding our Heart by Thomas Mayor ($24.99) 
  15. Dreamers by Ezekial Kwaymullina ($16.99) 
  16. Foothand Elbownose by Kyah Thomas ($19.99) 
  17. Giraffe’s Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae (15.99) 
  18. Goat on a Boat by Nick Dent (24.99) 
  19. Goodnight Glow Worms by Aura Parker($24.99) 
  20. I’m a Hero Too by Jamila Rizvi ($19.99) 
  21. Lenny and the Ants by Jessica Chapnik-Kahn ($25) 
  22. Leonard the Lyrebird by Jodie McLeod ($24.95) 
  23. Little Nic’s Big Day by Nic Naitanui ($19.99) 
  24. More and More and More by Ian Mutch ($24.99) 
  25. My Shadow is Pink by Scott Stuart ($24.99) 
  26. My Superhero by Chris Owen  
  27. No! Never! by Libby Hathorn ($21.99) 
  28. Oi Puppies! by Kes Gray (is $24.99) 
  29. Pig the Blob by Aaron Blabey ($17.99) 
  30. Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey ($17.99) 
  31. Pig the Tourist by Aaron Blabey ($17.99) 
  32. Pig the Winner by Aaron Blabey ($17.99) 
  33. Nelson 1: Pumpkins and Aliens by Andrew Levins (12.99) 
  34. Rabbits Hop by Alex Rance ($19.99) 
  35. Roo knows Blue by Renée Treml $19.99) 
  36. Saved!!! by Lydia Williams ($19.99) 
  37. So She Did by Simi Genziuk ($24.99) 
  38. Some Girls by Nelly Thomas ($19.99) 
  39. Some Boys by Nelly Thomas ($19.99) 
  40. This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder ($24.99)  
  41. When I was a Child by Andy Stanton ($24.99) 
  42. The Battle of Book Week by Kate and Jol Temple ($14.99) 
  43. The Besties Show and Smell by Felice Arena ($9.99) 
  44. The Besties To the Rescue by Felice Arena ($9.99) 
  45. The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears by Alastair Chisholm ($24.99) 
  46. The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland ($6.99)  
  47. Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey ($17.99) 
  48. Want to Play Trucks by Ann Stott ($24.99) 
  49. What Colour is the Sea? by Katie Stewart ($24.99)  
  50. What Zola did on Monday by Melina Marchetta ($12.99) 
  51. Who’s Your Real Mum? by Bernadette Green ($24.99)  
  52. Wombat, Mudlark and other stories by Helen Milroy ($14.99)

TOTAL VALUE: $1049.41  

The 7-book prize for you includes: 

  1. Bear in Space by Deborah Abela ($25.99)  
  2. I’m a Hero Too by Jamila Rizvi ($19.99) 
  3. My Shadow is Pink by Scott Stuart ($24.99) 
  4. The Battle of Book Week by Kate and Jol Temple ($14.99) 
  5. This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder ($24.99)  
  6. Rabbit’s Hop by Alex Rance ($19.99)  
  7. Saved! by Lydia Williams – ($19.99) 

Total value = $ 150.93

Combined total value = $1200.34

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to our winner: K. Beggs, VIC and their nominated centre, Torquay YMCA Early Learning Centre! 🎉🎉

WIN! 52 Weeks of Books worth $1200.34

Special thanks… 

With thanks to the following publishers: Affirm Press, Allen & Unwin, Bloomsbury, Fremantle  Hachette, Hardie Grant Egmont, Larrikin House, New Frontier Publishing, Puffin Books, Penguin Random House Australia, QAGOMA, Scholastic Australia, Thames & Hudson, and Walker Books!