Check out Kinderling’s exciting ch-ch-changes!

You are about to see some significant changes to the programming in the Kinderling app. Keep reading to find out all the details! 

Kinderling is making some changes 

Like you, Kinderling is a small family with BIG dreams! And our biggest dream? To make kids and their grown-ups happy. So we’re about to make some changes to our programming which at first might feel difficult, but the decisions we have made are ultimately to bring you the best possible Kinderling experience we can.  

In 2020, like so many other families, the Kinderling family took some time to reflect and listen and ask questions. We asked you, our listeners, what you liked and didn’t like about Kinderling. You liked a lot!! But you had some feedback, so we started to plan how to update Kinderling and make it better for the whole family. 

So what’s changing?

  1. No more on-demand music shows – From March 31 Kinderling can no longer provide on-demand episodes of Mixtapes, Retro Rewind, Settle Petal or Sleepy Soundtrack. However, we will instead launch THREE brand new 24/7 live music streams to replace the shows you love so much.
  • Kinderling Sleep Radio – 24/7 ambient music for sleep time – day or night. This is very similar to our Sleepy Soundtrack program.
  • Kinderling Chill Radio – 24/7 chill out music and lullabies to calm the whole family. This is very similar to our Settle Petal program.
  • Kinderling Party Radio – 24/7 upbeat tunes to bring up the mood and spark some fun. This is very similar to our Mixtapes and Retro Rewind programs.
  1. Episodes moving to Premium – From March 31, you will notice that many episodes of your favourite shows, like Bedtime Explorers, will now be exclusive to Premium.

Many of you have been in touch to say that you really don’t like hearing advertising on Kinderling – which we understand! As a small business we are committed to making excellent children’s programming and broadcasting excellent music and stories, and we are just as committed to paying our incredible creative team for their fantastic work. So how do we do that without advertising? We are asking our Kinderling fans to support the work we do by becoming Premium subscribers.

But we never ask for something without giving something back! From March 31 you will also be able to access brand new Premium seasons of your favourite shows;

  • Bedtime Explorers – Underwater Wonderland. Kinderling’s favourite meditation series goes under the ocean to meet some friendly creatures.
  • The Fact Detectives New episodes! The fans told us what facts THEY wanted us to investigate, so we have! From ancient mummies to volcanoes, we uncover all the cool facts.
  • Busy Bodies with Mr Snot Bottom – Icky Stuff. From farts to ear wax, bodies do some weird and gooey things! Join Mr Snot Bottom as he discovers all the Icky Stuff!
  • Sing-A-Song. Join Angie Who as she shares the joy of singing nursery rhymes and lullabies with you. Get ready for twenty brand new songs to enjoy!
  • Fun Fables. Everyone’s favourite twisted fairytale series is back! Enjoy a brand new episode every month and be sure to enter the monthly artwork comp!

 Got questions? 

Okay, so how are you after all that information?! We realise it’s a lot all at once but we are committed to making the Kinderling App the best and most helpful friend to your family now, and into the future.  

We understand that you might have some feedback or questions, and we are happy to listen and respond.  

 We invite you to visit our new FAQ page to help answer any of your questions.  

 Otherwise please contact us anytime via our Support Page