Busy Bodies

Mr Snot Bottom

Mr Snot Bottom is the host of the hilarious show all about the human body, Busy Bodies.  

Mark Trenwith is the Australian stand-up comedian and actor behind Mr  Snot Bottom, the host of Kinderling’s hilarious show all about how our bodies work. Mr Snot Bottom is full of answers on all the curly body questions and topics kids want to hear about, but grown-ups don’t want to talk about! Boogers, pop-offs, bottoms, smells etc, Mr Snot Bottom has the answers.  

Mr Snot Bottom can also be found performing live shows across the country in a hysterically disgusting show brimming with gross-tactic gags, horrible harmonies and just random routines perfect for weird kids 5 and up and their even weirder parents.  

Like a cross between Mr Bean, Peter Combe and Shrek, Mr Snot Bottom is a roller-coaster ride of ridiculousness that will have the whole family gasping, groaning and howling with delight.